Whole House Sediment PP Meltblown Filters

Installed on the inlet pipe and protects your water equipment and plumbing for cleaner water throughout your home.

Strong adaptability which can fit inside all kinds of standard whole house water filtration systems.

NSF and WQA certified to remove contaminants commonly found in water, including sediment, sand, dirt, rust and other large particles.

The end caps color can be customized according to your needs.

Filter cartridges are available in various sizes, micron ratings and end treatment (layered, grooved, etc.

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Get clean water at point of entry

This is an ideal primary cartridge filter element suitable for any whole house water purifier system to keep unnecessary substances far away from water supply pipe. It treats the water of whole house by removing rust, sand, dirt and other sediment. It also helps to protect home appliances and extend their life span.

Appliances maintenance begins with pre filter

Your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerators and other home appliances have something in common: firstly, the appliance is expensive due to precise parts; secondly, the systems cannot run without water. By removing sediment and impurities, the PP filter cartridge helps to minimize the wear on home appliances as much as possible which helps them last longer.

Who needs a sediment filter?

Despite public water supply treatment, nearly all drinking water contain dangerous substances, your tap water is much less safe than you think. Larger particles, sediment, turbidity and suspended solid are commonly found. But our household water filter technology makes things different. The PP filter cartridge is available in various lengths and micron ratings, allowing you to customize your system to fit your needs.

Craftsmanship in filter material

Craftsmanship in filter media development has always been our driving force. From concept to development, our R&D craftsmen are able to control every single details throughout the process. Most of our products have a development process which enables for hours and hours of testing and adjusting before they’re ready to go on adventures to light up your life.










Filter precision 10~15 micron 5~20 micron
Outside Diameter 2.5″/ 4.5″ non standard
Length 10″/20″ customized
Certificate MOH/NSF/WQA
Raw material PP
Filtration performance Remove sediment, rust and other large particles
Process Layered or trench melt blown available

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