Find out what’s going on in Thailand

“The first time when I arrived in Thailand, I hardly knew any native Thais, yet later, I was introduced by my friends, from the Taiwanese friends of the very first few peers in Thailand to Thai Chinese and then to some local manufacturers, step by step, we got more friends. ”


When my colleague, who can simply said "Savadika", first arrived in Thailand, he struggled to communicate with the driver in poor Thai. Roads were "not yet defined in Google Maps". Passing over a dusty yellow field in an UBER, he saw several cranes driving ground piles on an open site. No gorgeous Thai scenery nor prosperous city scene… all of this has been experience of the very first Runner guys who went to Thailand. Despite the inconvenient traffic, poor conditions, and being in a foreign country, no one complained and everyone helped each other to overcome difficulties with the same goal of getting Runner Thailand project on track as soon as possible.


The climate in Thailand is tropical monsoon. The temperature from March to May is the highest throughout the year, reaching 40-42℃. Our colleagues initially arrived there in autumn shift times when the weather was getting colder and it was very easy to catch a cold if affected by climate change. Many guys got sick and some even had fever. However, the responsibility drove them to work with sickness during the daytime and received injection at night then returned to work the next day, they managed to survive those hard times with the help of everyone.


The food becomes a big challenge for Chinese living in Thailand. Although Thailand has a lot of specialties, the overall taste is sour and spicy. Unlike the principle of Chinese cuisine of one dish and one taste, Thai food has both sour and spicy in one dish which delivers a strong flavor. Moreover, the matching of many ingredients in Thai food and the use of auxiliary ingredients are very different from Chinese food. It doesn't matter if you travel for a few days to eat it, but it can be a nightmare for colleagues who have to work in Thailand for a long time. The first group of colleagues first arrived in Thailand ate take-out from Chinese restaurants during the day, at night fast food brought from home had been their dinner, sometimes they would cook on their own meal in the dormitory as well. Fortunately, there are colleagues who are good cooks, and it becomes the most beautiful expectation to share delicious DIY food after work every day.


Due to the remote location of the facility, they have to go shopping to purchase everything on weekends. Shopping on weekends has become one of the few recreational activities for Runner guys in Thailand.