Single Water Filter that Reduces Various Pollutants

As part of the world water week 2021 event, the Stockholm Youth Water Award organizes international competitions where students between 15 and 20 years old propose solutions to major water challenges. The winner, Eshani Jha studied how to remove various pollutants from water with a single device, which is exactly what we, a water filter supplier from China, have achieved through our multi layer filter, space-saving and cost-effective.


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As the old saying goes, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”, water is our precious, yet the widespread problem of water pollution is impacting our environment and our health. Water contamination is a growing problem around the world, contaminants such as chemicals, bacteria and heavy metals are carried from outside all the way along to our drinking water pipelines. For this reason, the tap water treatment has become an important global issue. The winner selected from students participating the competition has done some research on how to reduce various pollutants from raw water in a simple and economic way. The process includes replacing activated carbon with Biochar for use in cost-effective water filter. The outstanding part of this solution lies in the probability of removing multiple contaminants with a single device. Coincidentally, Filter Tech is able to supply a similar solution by combining different filter medias with different pollutant reduction in a single water filter system. By finding out two stage or three stage water filters in “product – Kitchen & Bathroom Filtration” section of our website, you could easily get multiple pollutants retained before drinking.


The event has been organized every year since 1997 by SIWI. With the COVID-19 cases worldwide, this year the event was held online. It encourages young people’s determination to devote themselves to be part of a better water world.