Smart Manufacturing

Relying on the benefits of industrial resources of Runner Group and our water treatment experience over the years, Filter Tech has realized the forward-looking combination of advanced intelligent technology and our existing water filtration product line.

Manufacture (3)

We built flexible intelligent workshops to achieve assembly modularization. The synchronous operation allows us start more than one task simultaneously which creates a more efficient operating system and provides more personalized solutions.  


Using a large numbers of automatic equipments such as robot, sensor, automatic conveyor system to take over manual labor, we have achieved automation of injection, filter molding, product assembly, product inline inspection to improve operational efficiency.


By creating the Integration of Informatization and Industrialization platform, we gradually realize the information management of sales, R&D, supply chain and organization operation.

Simultaneous Operation

Multiple activities occur under the same operating conditions

Liberate Workforce

Automation helps complete projects with fewer workers and increase productivity


Promoting Informatization

Gradually achieve the business innovation and management upgrade

The Power of RPS

Creating Healthier, Safer and Greener New Life

Since 2010, we have been working with the consultancy firm of Toyota Group to introduce the Lean Management. Rather than adopting it completely, we internalized the spirit of TPS (Toyota Production System) into the actual needs of our business operation, which has led to the development of our own concept RPS (Runner Production System). In order to provide you with better-valued product, we have implemented RPS improvement to realize the optimization of lean management and quality improvement. Moreover, every year we go for studying in Toyota together with our suppliers. The system, which has been upgraded over the past decade, provides us with the assurance of quality resources across the value chain, allows us to serve you more competitively.

We work with our suppliers to deepen the supply chain collaboration and integrate resources. Investing the critical resources and outsourcing some non-critical processes enables us provide services with reasonable operating cost.

Manufacture--dust-free purification workshop

Green Working Atmosphere

We strive to create a friendly working environment for our staff, build dust-free purification workshop, establish clean, healthy and efficient production process. Technically, we infuse “green”, “health”, “artificial intelligence” and other life concept into our products to let you enjoy humanized experience and better life.

Valued Supply Chain Integration

Cooperating with our suppliers, Filter Tech deepens industrial chain relationship, integrates internal and external resources, builds supply chain collaboration platform, establishes lean value of supply chain logistics, by which Filter Tech can fast responds to your needs, make cost optimization and provide better solutions for you.