2021 Full Load of Awards

Honored to receive 3 iF DESIGN AWARDS 2021 with Bubble, Drip and Food Detoxification Maker out of 3,692 participants from 52 nations.

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2020 Social Support in Crisis

We set ourselves the task of giving back and contributing to society and community through donation in times of pandemic crisis of COVID-19 outbreak. Everything we do, we do it with society in mind.


2018 Another Great Performance

Perfect ergonomic design brings simple, elegant and unobtrusive beauty. Our PLANCK water pitcher has won the Red Star Design Award.

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2017 New Departure

Official foundation of Xiamen Filter Tech Industrial Cooperation, as wholly-owned sub-company under Runner Group, driving the water treatment platform of Runner Group to a new level.

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"Less is more", with its minimal language and interactive user experience, we are honored and grateful to receive the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 with Moon water purifier.

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2016 In Constant Pursuit of Excellence

Striving to make breakthroughs in our profession, we announce the official completion and operation of our new manufacturing facility specialized in the fabrication of filter cartridges.

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Foundation of in-house water filtration testing laboratory established according to NSF standard so as to improve the standard of care, a full range of inspections on our full line of products can be carried out here.


2012 Lean Journey Starts

Learning about Toyota Production System (TPS) has inspired us to take action and make improvement at its organization. We internalize its understanding of TPS by running our own system of operation, Runner Production System (RPS), to improve efficiency.

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2011 Road to Total Solution Provider

We align the industry problem with our solution and start selling value rather than just products. By identifying the pain points of the industry, we propose the concept of total solution for all your water needs throughout the entire home to improve overall household water quality.

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2010 Domestic Steps

Our take-off was facing the new challenge of domestic market, after which we began to transform our business and took the initiative of self-development on the basis of our years of technical experience.

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2002 Our Story Begins

Our expertise in fabricating plastic part took us on a journey into water treatment filed. Adhering to the most basic business with refined craftsmanship, we provide customers with design and manufacture of filter cartridges and other major components.

2002 Our Story Begins