5841 Shower Water Filter

Easy installation between mixing valve and shower hose.

Easy replacement without any tools needed.

Imported KDF with high performance which can effectively remove residual chlorine, inhibit bacteria, reduce heavy metals and scale.

Avoid damage to hair and skin.

Disposable filter element to avoid secondary pollution during filter replacement

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Enjoy your bathing time with soft water

Dry skin? Lifeless hair? Soap residue on skin? If these are some of the problems you encounter in your day life, then it’s no wonder you’re desperately needing a shower water filter to improve the quality of your bathing water. It can fit directly onto your showerhead and can reduce chlorine and scale. Bathing in soft water can be a relaxing experience.

  • Multi-stage filtration
    Multi-stage filtration

    Our shower water filter uses imported KDF to remove chlorine, heavy metal, scale, bacteria, etc.; CaSo3 has stronger ability to remove chlorine from hot water in an instant time. Its performance can last for 6 months to constantly provide purified water.

  • Zero waste product
    Zero waste product

    The large amount of contaminants captured by the filter can be harmful to human body and environment. Consider buy water filter that is easy, affordable and eco-friendly! Its one-piece disposable design allows you discard it directly after it expires.

  • No-tools installation
    No-tools installation

    This point of use water filter easily connects to any standard showerhead. Simply unscrew the showerhead from the shower arm, attach the head to the end of the filter, and then attach the filter to the shower arm.

Hassle-free installation to save your time

It’s a simple water filter that can be installed between mixing valve and flexible shower hose with no tools required. The filter replacement is also very easy for anyone who can build Lego. You can easily remove your old shower water filter and replace it with new one in few minutes.

Hassle-free installation to save your time


Item No. SF1A-L1
Dimension Ø64×180mm
Working Temperature 5-50℃
Working Pressure 7-72psi
Filter Configuration KDF/KDF+CaSO3
Flow Rate 8L/min(60psi)
Capacity 50T/6 months

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