5780 Kitchen Faucet Water Filter

Enjoy cleaner water that preserves essential minerals straight from your tap with this kitchen faucet tap mini water purifier.

Effectively reduce sediment, rust, residual chlorine, remove color, odor, improve the taste.

Food-grade plastic material ensures pure and uncontaminated water.

Works with standard faucet, very easy to attach to the faucet, no tools are required.

Various water outlet modes (purified water, spray water, sparkling water) can be quickly switched to meet different needs.

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Cleaner water right from your tap

Still think you can drink straight from the tap without any worries? The truth is there can be many sources of contamination in the water supply system even after the water is treated, such as residual chlorine. Our tap water filter keeps you safe from the danger of more contaminants while leaving behind minerals that are beneficial to human body. It uses carbon block and UF membrane filament (with removal rate of bacteria up to 99.99%) to filter the raw water.

  • 0.4GPM high flow design
    0.4GPM high flow design

    The faucet mount filter is designed with a high and steady flow rate of 0.4GPM (≈1.5l/min), no more waiting around, enjoy safe, fresh and crisp-tasting water now!

  • Quick and easy replacement
    Quick and easy replacement

    Snap-on disposable cartridge allows quick and easy replacement. You could dispose of it immediately after it expires, effectively avoid any secondary contamination.

  • Meet diversified needs in day life
    Meet diversified needs in day life

    The filtered water not only can it be used for drinking but it can also be used for cooking as it preserves the natural flavor of food which makes it more great-tasting.

A kettle can provide the family with enough clean water for drinking and cooking. However, the constant refilling and waiting for a glass of water would be a waste of time. A faucet water purifier is a better choice, you could get clean and fresh water in a few seconds. The mini device can be installed directly onto your tap, so the filtration will be faster and more convenient than any under-sink device or water pitcher. It’s modest in size and very easy to attach, making it a great choice for home filtration.


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Dimension 147×89×125mm
Working Temperature 5~38℃
Filter Configuration CB/GAC+UF GAC+UF
Filter Precision 5-10 micron 0.02-0.1micron
Flow Rate 1.5L/min 0.8L/min
Capacity 1000L 200L

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