5766 Standard Duty Reusable Whole House Water Purifier Housing

Effective water purification system for residential homes or offices, especially designed to capture large particles from water, protect appliances and pluming from sediment.

Suitable for 2.5”×10”PP/ pleated paper / string wound filter to reduce sediment, rust, sand, dirt, algae, colloids, red worms, etc.

Features highly resistant and NSF-certified cartridge filter housings

Our universal 2.5-in replacement filter cartridges can be sold separately or comes together with the system.

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Improve water quality throughout the house

Water is essential to living, but can carry numerous impurities. It makes a lot of sense that you have access to clean water in your house. A water purifier for whole house is ideal for large homes, farms, private wells, swimming pools and other places wherever it needs primary filtration. This primary filter can make sure different kinds of impurities are eliminated from water and even improves your drinking water.

  • Easy Installation
    Easy Installation

    No need to call a plumber for help as you would find all the necessary components for its installation: the bracket and screw are provided to mount the housing to the wall.

  • High Quality Material
    High Quality Material

    The pre filter cartridge housing is high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It’s hard to break or leave scratches when subjected to heavy pressure.

  • 2.5”x10 Standard Size
    2.5”x10 Standard Size

    The housing can fit 2.5”10 cartridges (can be sold together or separately) with options like PP, pleated paper or string wound to reduce sand, dirt, sediment, etc.

Appliances maintenance begins with Pre filter

Your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerators and other home appliances have something in common: firstly, the appliance is expensive due to precise parts; secondly, the systems cannot run without water. By removing sediment and impurities, our sediment pre filter system minimizes the wear on home appliances as much as possible which helps them last longer.

Appliances maintenance begins with Pre filter


Dimension 135×135×317mm
Working Pressure 0.1~0.4MPa
Working Temperature 5-38℃
Connection G3/4″,G3/8″
Filter Media 10X2.5 PP/pleated/string wound/compound CB

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