5685/5686 3-Stage Under Sink Household Ultrafiltration Water Treatment System

Food-grade plastic material ensures pure and uncontaminated water.

Preserves minerals that are beneficial to human body.

Disposable cartridge filter element helps save under-sink space and easy for installation and replacement.

The advanced one-piece integrated water circuit design can reduce leakage risks, providing safety assurance when getting water.

Smart faucet is available for easily check on filter lifespan status and take note when to replace the filter.

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Preserve helpful mineral substance

While reverse osmosis water filter removes many harmful contaminants such as lead, some healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium are removed from drinking water as well. But an ultrafiltration water treatment device retains such beneficial substances. You don’t have to worry about keeping the right balance of nutrients in your body.

  • LCD real-time display
    LCD real-time display

    The ultrafiltration water treatment device has a real-time display helping you monitor when to replace the filter.

  • Zero waste water
    Zero waste water

    The UF water purifier is a great alternative to reverse osmosis while there’s no waste water during purification process.

  • Filter lifespan indicator
    Filter lifespan indicator

    The system features a filter lifespan indicator to let you quickly glance the remaining filter time.

Your ideal household filtration option

UF filter can filter out rust, sediment, suspended solid, colloid, bacteria, organic matter and other harmful substances in water, and can retain some substances beneficial to human body. It does not need electricity nor pressure, the tap water can be filtered simply relying on tap water pressure and achieve a high water flow rate. UF water purifier is much more affordable which makes it an ideal household drinking water filtration option.

Your ideal household filtration option
High precision filtration

High precision filtration

The UF water purifier uses 0.01μm pore size hollow fiber membrane to achieve excellent performance in removing 99.99% of bacteria. By adopting the advanced and unique hydro water treatment technology, the system can effectively reduce contaminants from water such as bacteria, microorganisms, yet retaining the beneficial microelements in the water. The UF filter can last for almost 2 years.

Easy installation and replacement

This UF water filter comes with disposable twist off style filters, 3 seconds enough for you to install and replace filters as you wish. Our bi-directional water stop technology patent specially designed for filter cartridge is a huge help in preventing water coming out from the cartridge, so you don’t have to turn off the incoming water when twisting off it.

Easy installation and replacement










Connection 1/4″PE tube
Flow rate 2L/min
Filter media PP+UF+CB (antibacterial and de-lead options are available)
Standard version Ordinary faucet
Economic version Ordinary faucet, filter lifetime display and reset
mid-end version Ordinary faucet, filter lifetime display and reset, smart flushing (available), smart faucet(available)

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