5673 Countertop Ultrafiltration Water Treatment System

Food-grade plastic material ensures pure and uncontaminated drinking water.

Compact and exquisite design suits any home style and perfectly save your countertop space.

Comes with a faucet divider to achieve easy selection between raw water and purified water.

The base has firmly adhering suction cup for placing on tables or counters, providing stability to avoid moving around while in use.

A smart water filter that features replace filter indicator to let you know when it’s time to replace your filter.

The outlet lid can be rotated 360° to get the water freely.

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Preserve helpful mineral substance

While reverse osmosis water filter removes many harmful contaminants such as lead, some healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium are removed from drinking water as well. But an ultrafiltration water treatment device retains such beneficial substances. You don’t have to worry about keeping the right balance of nutrients in your body.

  • 99.9% Reduction
    99.9% Reduction

    The ultrafiltration membrane can effectively reduce over 99.9% of bacteria from your water

  • Easy Switch
    Easy Switch

    This UF water purifier allows you to select between raw water and filtered water according to your need

  • Lifetime indicator
    Lifetime indicator

    Get to know when you should replace the filter with the lifetime indicator to keep drinking water clean

Your ideal household filtration option

UF filter can filter out rust, sediment, suspended solid, colloid, bacteria, organic matter and other harmful substances in water, and can retain some substances beneficial to human body. It does not need electricity nor pressure, the tap water can be filtered simply relying on tap water pressure and achieve a high water flow rate. UF water purifier is much more affordable which makes it an ideal household drinking water filtration option.

Your ideal household filtration option


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Flow rate(30PSI) 2.5L/min 1.5L/min 3L/min 1.5L/min
Capacity 4000L 1000L 4000L 1000L
Filter media PP+GAC CB+UF PP+GAC CB+UF
Filter life display and reset



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