5461 Residential Central Water Softener

Get clean and healthy water to reduce water contaminants for household drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and other needs.

Uses ion-exchange resin to effectively filter out calcium and magnesium ions to provide comfortable feeling of water.

Food-grade material ensures the safety and health of wetted parts.

Adopts patented one-touch by pass structure to allow free switch between soft water and tap water.

Allows you to adjust the water hardness settings according to your needs.


1 x filter system

1 x sewer pipe (1m, 3/8”)

1 x housing wrench

1 x bracket (available as an option)

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Enjoy soft water for the entire house

Ever wonder why your skin gets extremely dry after showering? That same soap scum builds up on your home appliance actually do the same on your skin and hair! The mineral in hard water keeps you from getting clean. Consider installing a central water softener to help remove hard minerals to protect your skin and hair. It also protects your home appliance, pipes and plumbing from clogs so as to increase its longevity.

  • Provide scale-free water
    Provide scale-free water

    The domestic water softener reduces hardness in the water and leaving spotless water at every point of use.

  • Filter lifetime indicator
    Filter lifetime indicator

    Adopts advanced digital control valve to calculate the time of use and amount of water treated to remind the replacement.

  • Salt indicator
    Salt indicator

    Our water softener system has a low salt indicator to alert you the system is running low on salt which makes maintenance easy.

This soft water machine features

● High efficiency resin to remove hard minerals in the water
● Simply physical filtration, without chemicals included.
● Food-grade material ensures pure and uncontaminated water.
● LCD display simplify system programming and operation.
● Filter lifespan calculated both by treated amount and usage time.

This soft water machine features
What can it do for you?

What can it do for you?

A domestic water softener provides soft, spotless water for the entire house. It completes the whole process of operation and cleaning automatically through the automatic control system. Washing and bathing with soft water can reduce soap residue, beauty care and awaken natural moisture. Laundry and towels are whiter, fluffier and brighter with soft water. With soft water, bathtubs and water heaters no longer scale and are easier to clean. Softener is also very essential to car washing since it avoid minerals leave on your car surface.


Item CS2A-10E CS2A-15E CS2A-20E
Dimension 310x610x545mm 310x610x818mm 310x610x1102mm
Power supply 220V/50HZ
Flow rate 1T/H 1.5T/H 2T/H
Capacity(200 hardness) 1.9T(MA:1.0T) 3.8T(MA:2.0T) 5.9T(MA:3.0T)
Resin filling capacity 6.6kg/7.9L 13.1kg/15.6L 21kg/25L
Filter media Quartz sand + resin (available)
Connection G3/4 “/ G1″
Sewage pipe Φ12.5mm
Soft water valve head Downstream valve Backflow valve

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