Central Water Filtration System

Get clean and healthy water to reduce water contaminants for household drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and other needs.

Uses coconut shell carbon and premium KDF to effectively filter out residual chlorine, heavy metal and other unnecessary contaminants.

Food-grade material ensures the safety and health of wetted parts.

LED intelligent touch screen, easy operation.

Adopts patented one-touch by pass structure to allow free switch between filtered water and tap water.

Time/flow dual control, saving your water.

Automatic switch between home/travel mode.

WIFI function (optional)


1 x filter system

1 x sewer pipe (1m, 3/8”)

1 x housing wrench

1 x bracket (available as an option)

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Get clean water at point of entry

This is an ideal primary whole house water filter system to keep unnecessary substances far away from water supply pipe. It treats the water of whole house by further removing color, odor, residual chlorine and other disinfection by-products and VOC, heavy metals, etc.

  • LCD real-time display
    LCD real-time display

    The whole house water treatment system has a real-time display helping you monitor when to replace the filter.

  • Deep filtration
    Deep filtration

    The system uses imported premium KDF to effectively remove residual chlorine and heavy metal from your drinking water.

  • Food-grade material
    Food-grade material

    The whole house water treatment unit is made of healthy food-grade material which ensures pure and uncontaminated water.

Your best choice for household water

Central Filter is a smart water treatment equipment which can purifies household water. It can complete the whole process of operation and cleaning automatically by adopting the automatic control system. The filter uses coconut shell carbon and quartz sand to absorb the disinfection by-products such as heterochromy, odor, residual chlorine, chloroform, volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as phenol, heavy metal, lead, etc., achieving the goal of “Whole house water purification for whole family healthy life”.

Your best choice for household water


Item CP2B-05E CP2B-10E CP2B-15E
Dimension 323x476x535mm 323x476x806mm 323x476x1086mm
Power supply 220V/50HZ
Flow rate 0.5T/H 1T/H 1.5T/H
capacity 13T 25T 40T
Carbon powder filling quantity 4kg 8.5kg 13.7kg
Filter media Quartz sand + carbon powder (coconut shell carbon) + KDF (available)
Connection G3/4″ or G1″
Sewage pipe Φ12.5mm

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