5290 Backwash High Efficiency Whole House Reusable Water Filtration System

Effective water purification system for residential homes or offices, especially designed to capture large particles from water, protect appliances and pluming from sediment.

Use stainless steel mesh to reduce sediment, rust, sand, dirt, algae, colloids, red worms, etc.

Medical-grade 316 stainless steel mesh can ensure high precision and better filtration performance.

Housing made from polymers can prevent explosion and freezing.

High efficiency with a water flow of 3 tons per hour (under a pressure of 0.3MPa).


1 x filter system

1 x sewer pipe (1m, 3/8”)

1 x housing wrench

1 x bracket (available as an option)

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Get clean water at point of entry

This is an ideal primary whole house water purifier system to keep unnecessary substances far away from water supply pipe. It treats the water of whole house by removing rust, sand, dirt and other sediment. It also helps to protect home appliance and extend their life span.

  • Lead-free waterway
    Lead-free waterway

    Prevent metal from leaching into
    water supply

  • High water flow
    High water flow

    Flow rate of up to 50L/min ensures
    large amount

  • Highly resistant
    Highly resistant

    Comes with anti-explosion and
    anti-freeze housing

Multiples micron sizes

We have 40-50μm and 60-80μm for selection. Find the right micron size according to the region and water supply, for example, if the dirt is fine, then it’s better to use 40-50μm to capture finer particles.

Multiples micron sizes

High efficiency

No need to worry about reduced water flow due to filter installation, because this high-efficient system offers a water flow rate up to 50L/min under a pressure of 0.3Mpa, ensuring large amount of water for both household use and daily drinking.

High efficiency

Highly resistant housing

Reinforced nylon and the polymers ensures a good resistance which can withstand a series of environmental simulation testings.

Highly resistant housing
  • Lead-free waterway

    What can be done to stay away from lead pollution? Start by installing a sediment filter with built-in plastic waterway before tap water entering the house. It helps avoid contact between water and metal, preventing lead from leaching into the drinking water.

    Lead-free waterway
  • Discharge everything it filters out

    Turn the backwash valve to reverse the direction of water flow inside the housing which will flush from inside out and take away all the dirt from the surface of the screen, easily resolving clogging problem.

    Discharge everything it filters out
  • Easy select between filtered water and non-filtered water

    If the surface of stainless steel mesh is blocked by impurities, the bypass valve can help switch to non-filtered status to make sure that there won’t be any water shortage throughout the house.

    Easy select between filtered water and non-filtered water


Dimension 166ⅹ74ⅹ304mm
Working Pressure 0.1~0.4MPa
Working Temperature 5-38℃
Flow Rate 3T/H
Connection G3/4″,G1/2″
Filtration Precision 40-50um or 60~80um
Filter Media Stainless steel mesh SUS316
Waste Water Tube Φ12.5mm or 3/8″ PE tube

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