2-Stage Under Sink Compact Reverse Osmosis System

Exquisite and space-saving device that is suitable for any under sink space.

The system can offer faster water flow (up to 600 gallons per day), filtering a cup (200ml) of water in 8 seconds.

Great filtration performance with only two filter elements, easy for DIY and save under sink space.

The water has two outlets which can be easily switched between clean water for daily use and potable pure water.

A full automatic flushing is provided at regular intervals to wash away accumulated impurities and keep the membrane clean.

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Reverse Osmosis Pure Water System

Nowadays, reverse osmosis pure water system is among the best methods to improve the properties of water by means of a physical system (without the use of chemical products). It helps ensure your every sip deliver the true essence of water without any impurities added.

  • Automatic Flushing
    Automatic Flushing

    The automatic flushing mode of this reverse osmosis water filter helps avoid low water flow caused by filter clogging and bring you fresh, pure water at all times.

  • Double Outlets
    Double Outlets

    Use clean water mode to clean vegetables and dishes, and use RO purified water mode to drink water directly.

  • WiFi Connection Available
    WiFi Connection Available

    Connect to Wi-Fi networks on your mobile device to monitor water quality and system working status at anytime, anywhere.

Doing more with less

Probably you would get crazy when replacing filter cartridges of a traditional RO water filter in a fast-paced life of today. We find the balance in our product by letting it be “less but do more” for you. The premium filtration performance of this system consists in the way of achieving a five-stage filtration with only two-stage specification, which greatly helps you save the seemingly tricky installation and replacement problems.

Doing more with less
Dual water outlet modes

Dual water outlet modes

The reverse osmosis drinking system features dual water outlet modes. The washing mode can produce purified water for daily dish washing or vegetable washing. The drinking mode can produce pure potable water. The dual water outlet modes design can meet the different water needs of a family. There’s light design under the faucet to show life reminder of the filter cartridges.






Flow rate

1L/min(400G pure water)

2L/min (purified water)

1.58L/min(600G pure water)

2L/min (purified water)

1.58L/min(600G purified water)

2L/min (pure water)

Dimension 435*140*375(mm)
Filter media 1st stage: CF (PP+CB)2nd stage: MRO (RO+CB)
Recommended filter replacement cycle 1st stage: 8T (6 months)2nd stage: 8T(24 months)

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