5265 2-Stage Under Sink Household Compact Reverse Osmosis System

This small reverse osmosis system reduces total dissolved solids in your water with desalination rate over 90%.

The system comes with a tankless design without taking up extra space. It has only 5.1 inches wide, no need for a large space under the kitchen sink.

The tankless design ensures a constant supply of fresh water, secondary pollutant problem found in traditional RO water purifier solved!

Smart faucet with light display is available for monitoring the water quality and filter condition.

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Valuable RO Water Purifier for Home

The 2-stage gradient filtration produces delicious, pure water straight to your kitchen faucet, more convenient and eco-friendly than most bottled water. You could enjoy purer water, crystal clear ice cubes, fresher coffee and better tasting food.

  • 1000 GPD Fast Flow
    1000 GPD Fast Flow

    The water flows faster than ordinary domestic RO water purifier. Get a cup of water in 5 seconds and no more waiting for fresh water, instant filtered, the water is always fresh!

  • TDS Display
    TDS Display

    The smart RO water purifier has a real-time display helping monitor the water quality in a convenient way, such as TDS of filtered water, filter change indicator, a truly smart feature that enhances your user experience.

  • Twist and Pull Design
    Twist and Pull Design

    With a simple twist off, the filter replacement of this RO water filter can be done easily without overflow or leakage. You don’t have to turn off the incoming water nor lifting the device like a traditional one.

High performance with 2 stages

1st stage: CF includes PP and CB. PP sediment filter (10μm) can capture colloid, sediment, rust, large particles and suspended impurities; Carbon block (5-10μm) can remove residual chlorine (≥80%);
2nd stage: MRO membrane (0.0001μm) can intercept dissolved solid ions such as heavy metals, and microorganisms such as coliform bacteria. The desalination rate is >90%. We have 400G, 600G, 800G and 1000G to choose from. Both Toray and Dow is available.

High performance with 2 stages
Easy installation and replacement

Easy installation and replacement

This RO water filter comes with disposable twist off style filters, simple enough for you to install and replace filters as you wish. Our bi-directional water leak stop technology patent specially designed for filter cartridge is a huge help in preventing water coming out from the cartridge, so you don’t have to turn off the incoming water when twisting off it.

Get a glass of pure water in just 5 seconds

Generally speaking, even the best RO membrane of RO water purifier for home can slow down the water flow rate. By considering purchase this unit you can be worry-free from waiting for crisp water because the high output 1000 gallons per day provides fast production rate for large family or when there’re visitors at your home. The water flows faster than ordinary domestic RO water purifier.

Get a glass of pure water in just 5 seconds






Flow rate




Dimension 440×150×355mm 440×150×355mm 452×150×355mm
Connection Inlet: 3/8″PE tube    filtered water & waste water outlet: 1/4″PE tube
Filter media CF+MRO/RO
CF PP+CB (scale inhibitor)
MRO PP+RO+CB+PET(CB antibacterial available)
Features – E (economic version) filter lifetime display and reset;overtime protection;ordinary drinking faucet
Features – M (mid-end version) filter lifetime display and reset;overtime protection;smart faucet;outlet water TDS display;water leakage protection;smart flushing

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