3-Stage Under Sink Household Ultrafiltration Water Treatment System

Food grade material

Kills 99.9% of germs

5-stage deep purification, enjoys minerals water

Water-Break technology, can be rapidly disassembled, changed the filter cartridge

Slim body & side mounted design

Integrated waterway design & leak protection

Filter lifespan display and reset

0 power consumption, 0 waste water, 0 noise

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Preserve helpful mineral substance

While reverse osmosis water filter removes many harmful contaminants such as lead, some healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium are removed from drinking water as well. But an ultrafiltration water treatment device retains such beneficial substances. You don’t have to worry about keeping the right balance of nutrients in your body.

  • Fast flow rate
    Fast flow rate

    Get a glass (ordinary 6.7oz) of pure filtered water in just 6 seconds.

  • Preserve beneficial mineral
    Preserve beneficial mineral

    Adds calcium and magnesium to the water to keep balanced nutrition.

  • Smart control
    Smart control

    Features automatic flushing, smart faucet as well as WiFi control (available).

Your ideal household filtration option

UF filter can filter out rust, sediment, suspended solid, colloid, bacteria, organic matter and other harmful substances in water, and can retain some substances beneficial to human body. It does not need electricity nor pressure, the tap water can be filtered simply relying on tap water pressure and achieve a high water flow rate. UF water purifier is much more affordable which makes it an ideal household drinking water filtration option.

Your ideal household filtration option
Keep note of filter status anytime, anywhere

Keep note of filter status anytime, anywhere

A WiFi module is built inside to realize remote control of water quality and filter lifetime, providing safety and healthy drinking water with intelligent service. The WiFi module will link to your mobile device and keep you informed instantly of the treated water amount, how long the cartridge life lefts, etc.






Applied feed water Municipal tap water
Feed water temperature 5-38°C
Working pressure 0.1-0.4MPa
Connection 1/4″ tubing
Flow rate 2L/min
Filter media PP+UF+CB (Option: antibacterial/lead-free/Sr-enriched)
Mid-end version Ordinary faucet; filter lifetime display and reset; smart flushing (available); smart faucet (available)

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